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Generate Sales for the Program of your Choice!


TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT - It's Your Sales....Not Ours!!!




How would you like to Make $1500 in Sales for Any Program you desire?


We are Now Offering you the Opportunity to Pick Any Program you want to Make Sales for and we will GO TO WORK FOR YOU!!


Are you Struggling to Make Sales for a certain Program or just wanting MORE SALES???


How does this Work?

Simple - Send us the Ad and Subject Line for the Program you want $1500 in Sales for and we will handle everything else until you get $1500 in Sales!!

No matter how long it takes!!

How long will it take for me to Make $1500 in Sales?

There is no certain time frame but based on our experience we can normally do this in approx. 90 days or LESS!!

Unfortunately the market online changes daily and we can not and will not guarantee anybody a certain time frame for us to get the amount of Sales stated!!



What happens if I don't make $1500 in Sales in the time frame you stated above?


We always say that we can get $1500 in Sales in approx. 90 days but there will be cases where it could take LESS or MORE time just depending on what you are offering and the cost of what you are offering! Regardless of how long it takes - we will actively promote your Website until you get the sales!



How are you going to Advertise for me?

We will utilize several different methods including but NOT LIMITED to Contact Email Advertising, Twitter, Facebook, Safelists, various responsive advertising networks across the internet etc.....



Will I be able to see where you are promoting my Website?


It is quite possible that you will see the Ads we will be posting for you, but unfortunately we can not provide you with the places your Ad will posted at because we will be extremely busy promoting your Program not to mention the advertising methods can and will change daily!



How will you the Advertiser know when I have made $1500 in Sales?

We expect you to contact us at least once every 14 Days and let us know what is going on with your Sales.

We know some people will attempt to say they are not making Sales after they have actually made money but this only happens in rare cases and when we do find out then we cease their advertising and proceed with further action.



Can I change the Program, Product, Service that you will Promote for me?

Unfortunately No - We will be spending lot's of time promoting the program of your choice and changing it only defeats the efforts we will be putting forth.



Are there any Refunds if I am Not Satisfied?


Unfortunately no. We can not issue any refunds for any reasons due to the nature of this service. We will spend many hours promoting the program of your choice and once we send out the Ads then there is no way for us to recover the money spent promoting your program, product or service. Before your Advertising Campaign begins you will be contacted by us asking if you Understand and Agree to our No Refunds Policy and a copy will be saved to provide the Payment Processor if needed.



How much does this Amazing Sales Advertising Campaign Cost?

TODAY ONLY - $197.00!!!


Make Your Purchase Below and then submit your Advertising Info to:

You will be contacted via email within 24 hours and your Advertising Campaign will commence within 72 Hours!

Once your Ad Campaign begins, you can pretty much sit back and let us Make You MONEY!!

If you have any questions before purchasing simply send us a email to the email address listed above:

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